• Avant Gardener Profile: Fran Lockyer

    Nick Aldridge

    Meet Fran Lockyer, Textile Designer specialising in textile screens and colouring. Based in London and dabbling across industries such as Fashion, Fine Art, and Interiors, Lockyer gives us an insight into her creative process while exploring her innate connection with greenery, and the climate as a whole.

    To start off with, I just wondered if you could tell me a little bit about yourself, what you do, and where you call home?

    My name is Frances Lockyer and I am a Textile Screen Specialist and Colourist. I studied at Camberwell College of Art, and Chelsea College of Art and Design. I work within the worlds of Fine Art, Fashion and Interior’s, designing and developing unique and hand printed textiles. Home for me is London, it is the heart of my creative world, and where I learnt the skills necessary for my career. But, I love to travel, and experience other ways of living.

    How would you describe your relationship with the plant world?

    I have a very personal relationship with the plant world. Growing up in a village, surrounded by trees and wildlife, nature has always been a source of great comfort and exhilaration to me. I love to be outdoors and exploring.

    In my work, plants and nature are often at the centre of what I design and print. Nearly all my work directly or indirectly reflects a plant or an experience of nature, whether it be a particular image, a shape or a colour.
    Be it indoors or outdoors, have you ever had a particularly meaningful experience with plants or green spaces?

    My recent travels to the west coast of the USA were deeply inspiring, the plants and green spaces that grow within the deserts and mountains, and the stunning terrain that runs for 100’s of miles there is both beautiful and humbling. The nature of the national parks such as Zion, Capitol Reef and Joshua Tree, felt larger than life and were at the same time both gentle and fierce. I was taken aback by what I experienced there.

    In what ways do plants play a role in your daily life?

    They play a very important role. I do not feel centred unless I have visited a green space - however large or small. I always feel the immediate need to access nature, and make a pilgrimage to a park or wood nearly every day.

    Does your love of plants and nature extend into your home?

    Definitely, we always have a variety of plants in the house, which we try our best to care for. They not only provide company but also a small reminder of the wider world.
    Which living person do you admire the most?

    That's a very difficult question but I would have to say my Dad. He is the wisest and kindest person I know. He never stops learning and exploring. I remember going to work with him when I was younger, when he was a University Lecturer in London, and thinking that it was the most exciting place in the world. I attribute so much of what I have accomplished to his infectious and tireless energy and enthusiasm to explore ideas and share them.

    Do you have any wider beliefs or values that can be attributed, if only partially, to your relationship with plants?

    I’m deeply concerned about the climate, and climate change, and the effect it will have on nature as a whole. We need to have a far more responsible relationship with nature to ensure the survival of all species, and the planet.
    Do you have a routine to take care of your plants?

    Firstly communication in so far as checking in with when and who watered them last. Secondly using the plant care products that Sowvital has brilliantly created. They really add a rooted intention to the care of the plants, and a ceremony that I try my best to slow down and follow. Thirdly, plant carers, for when we travel, so we know they are in good hands.

    What have you learned from your plants?

    Patience and wonder.

    Do you have a motto?

    No but I would like one. This has inspired me.

    A huge, heartfelt thank you to Fran for sharing her world with us, and a fascinating insight into a unique creative process.