• A closer look: Florent Tanet

    Florent Tanet

    Florent Tanet is a French photographer and art director with a special interest in still life. Producing captivating imagery full of depth and intrigue, Tanet explores the expanse of detail within the botanical world.
    Bromelia Vriesea with orange flowers and leaves.
    Three of Sowvital house plant products with a colourful piece of leaf above three layered-up terracotta pots while there are some loosened leaves around them.
    Chinese money plant photoshoot with luscious vibrant wrist technique to make leaves look colourful.
    Three of Sowvital house plant products’ packaging with a collection of colourful-loosened leaves around.
    Colourful Laceleaf.
    Putting a luscious vibrant twist on the traditional approach to botanical photography, take a quiet moment to meander through his colourful plants series commissioned by Sowvital.
    Colourful Laceleaf leaves.
    The Sowvital product - house plant elixir on a stone-like object with colourful leaves.
    Colourful Rubber Fig Photography by Florenet Tanet.
    Colourful leaves with orange, red and green.
    A further angle of Rubber fig photography by Florenet Tanet.