• Book Review: In The Garden - Essays on Nature and Growing

    Kimberly Glassman

    14 contemporary authors come together, in beautiful poetry and prose, to reflect on the nature of gardening and what it means to grow in this day and age.

    In this collection of essays, 14 contemporary writers reflect on what it means ‘to garden’ and what it means to 'grow' in the current age. Bringing with them their own flavour, style, and reflections, each author welcomes you into their world, bravely delves into their personal relationship with the natural environment, and offers lessons and inspiration along the way. I laughed, I cried, I thought long and hard about my own experiences. Authors Lively, Slater, and Kincaid reflect on gardens of long past, the ones that would never be, and those they stumbled upon in their pursuit of the almighty and elusive 'perfect garden'.

    Wade, Day, Mendez, and Arboine eloquently transport readers to their communal spaces and touch base with the humbling beginnings of growth in our shared experience of earth.

    From inheriting the land to sharing with neighbours, these authors paint a picture of what it means to grow together.
    Lowdon, Lafarge, Tsjeng, and nĂ­ Dochartaigh explore the language of gardens in their Greek, Latin, and local metaphorical origins. Burnett, Craig, and Adukwei Bulley bring the collection to a close by reflecting on the sustainability of gardens and remunerating over what the future may hold.

    From wondering if there is no such thing as a weed to reflecting on the notion of a garden as paradise, this little book is a treat for anyone looking to ease their mind and bring a sense of calm to the busy world around them.