• Josef Stoger: 3d Printed Ceramics

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    Nicholas Rogers, Sandip Chudha

    3D printing has revolutionised the way we manufacture products, and ceramics are no exception.

    With the development of this technology, artists, architects, and designers can now bring their visions to life using clay. 3D printing with clay involves creating digital designs that are then printed, layer by layer, using a clay extruder. The clay is typically a mixture of water, clay, and other additives, creating a pliable material which can be shaped and manipulated. As the printer works, it creates intricate details that would be difficult to achieve by hand.
    Enabling a high level of precision and accuracy, the ability to create complex shapes and forms opens up a whole new world of artistic and architectural possibilities.

    Josef Stoger of Stögerhaus designed and printed a selection of delicate pedestals to display our product range at our Shoreditch pop up. Cohesive with our sustainable approach to business, the organic shapes and natural materials he produced combined science and technology to create beauty throughout our product displays