• Salima Zahi: The Porcelain Germination Disc

    Finn Gordon

    Introducing The Porcelain Germination Disc. Crafted for Sowvital by the talented Salima Zahi, a Paris-based ceramist and designer. Trained in ceramics at the Estonian Academy of Arts, she seamlessly combines design and craftsmanship. Specialising in objects that blur the line between utility and sculpture.

    Germination breathes life into seeds, such as avocado stones, initiating a captivating journey of plant growth. This process commences with the absorption of water, leading to the seed coat's rupture and the emergence of the plant.

    Utilising avocado stones for germination is a sustainable practice that offers a delightful glimpse into the cycle of life and growth, transforming a simple kitchen leftover into a flourishing plant.
    Salima, wearing a cream shirt and black dungarees, stands in front of a table cluttered with various ceramic tools and objects. She gazes away thoughtfully as she prepares to work on her project. A large plastic bucket and an assortment of tools for ceramic projects fill the table, alongside a ceramic vase displaying vibrant orangey-red plants. In the background, a shelf is filled with ceramic pots.
    On the table, three distinct ceramic tools/gadgets are arranged: a hammer, a round wooden piece, and a germination disc adorned with Sowvital's label. Each tool serves a specific purpose in the ceramic-making process, from shaping to detailing.
    In the corner of the room, stacks of plastic buckets are neatly arranged next to a shelf filled with ceramic pots and saucers. Wooden crates are scattered on the floor nearby, adding to the rustic charm of the space.
    Introducing the Porcelain Germination Disc. Handmade in Paris from Limoges porcelain, this delicate disc creates a perfect union between compatibility and elegance. Its large opening provides an ideal space for propagating larger cuttings, avocado stones, and bulbs, catering to both budding and experienced gardeners alike.
    Against the wall, a few plastic buckets are stacked neatly beside a white box. Resting atop the box is a ceramic pot accompanied by ceramic saucers and stacked germination discs. The arrangement showcases a blend of materials, from plastic to ceramic, suggesting a workspace where practicality meets creativity.
    A shelf full of ceramic germination discs and ceramic pots, surrounded by various gardening tools and supplies.
    A ceramic germination disc rests on a surface, its smooth texture and earthy tones highlighting its craftsmanship. Nearby, wooden crates hold an assortment of ceramic pots, their shapes and sizes varying.
    Each delicate Germination Disc is meticulously crafted in Zahi's studio in the 18th Arrondissement, showcasing her expertise in clay manipulation. The Porcelain Discs serve as more than just objects; they are an embodiment of Zahi's dedication to challenging the conventional perceptions of everyday items.

    With their nuanced texture and timeless elegance, they become a canvas where tradition meets innovation. As Salima Zahi reimagines this classic material, Sowvital presents not just a germination pot, but a work of art that encapsulates the essence of growth, resilience, and the beauty of the natural world.
    Freshly made ceramic germination discs are carefully arranged on a surface supported by wooden boards, situated on a shelf.