• Le Bon Marché: Comme un poisson dans l'eau

    Flora Aussant
    This Humid House

    Boldly titled "the most selective department store in Paris" and founded in 1852, Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche was the first department store in the world. Opened with the intention of providing "a new kind of store that would thrill all the senses" and inspired by the artistic energy of Paris's Rive Gauche, it uniquely combines unconventionality and elegance.

    Designed by the architect Louis-Charles Boileau and the engineer Gustave Eiffel, Le Bon Marché encompasses original creations and limited editions, all stood alongside a selection of the most beautiful objects from across the world.

    Our collaboration with Le Bon Marché for their 'Comme de poisson dans l'eau' spring wellness campaign marked a remarkable convergence of luxury retail and the burgeoning interest in plant care and sustainability. With our commitment to enhancing plant health through organic and sustainable products, we found a perfect setting in the prestigious Le Bon Marché, renowned for its luxury offerings and forward-thinking initiatives. Sowvital designed a special collection of seeds, debuted in store.

    Nestled amongst a distinguished array of brands, we also partnered with This Humid House to craft three bespoke vegetal arrangements, each thoughtfully designed and gracefully executed for the campaign. These displays celebrated our presence within the most discerning department store in Paris.
    A display area in Le Bon Marché showcases Sowvital's products arranged neatly on the surface. Behind the products, a variety of potted plants, flowers, and cacti are used to create a lush and colorful backdrop. The bottom section features blue-painted cupboards, serving as a contrasting base for the display. Inside the cupboards, many three-step gift sets are neatly stocked, adding to the visual appeal and accessibility of the products.
    Sowvital's House Plant Spritz and Aqua Leaf Cleanser, with their packaging, are neatly arranged on a royal blue surface. Brochures stand at the forefront, providing information about the products. A Love Thy Plants green cap sits next to the display, adding a touch of branding and style. Behind the products, a variety of plants are carefully decorated, enhancing the natural aesthetic of the display.
    A close-up view captures the green Love Thy Plants cap positioned next to a collection of Sowvital plant fertilizers, each adorned with its packaging. The vibrant green cap stands out against the backdrop of colorful plant leaves, adding a pop of color to the scene. Various types of plants are used as decorative elements, enhancing the natural theme of the display.
    Sowvital's three-step gift set is prominently displayed on the surface, arranged with care and attention to detail. The gift set is surrounded by a lush assortment of plants and flowers, enhancing its natural appeal. Underneath the surface, stocks are neatly stored in the drawer, ensuring ample supply for customers.
    This partnership highlighted the growing trend of integrating green living into everyday life, appealing to a sophisticated clientele that values both luxury and environmental consciousness. Our presence in the campaign was a celebration of the natural world within an urban setting. The range of products, including seeds, plant cleansers, and nutrient-rich plant fertiliser, not only catered to the practical needs of plant enthusiasts but also resonated with the campaign's theme of renewal and vitality.

    Le Bon Marché's elegant environment provided an ideal backdrop for showcasing our offerings. The store's luxurious spaces were transformed into a lush, green sanctuary, reflecting the serenity and balance that Sowvital products aim to bring into homes. This setting allowed customers to experience the beauty and benefits of well-cared-for plants, emphasising the importance of plant health in overall wellness.

    The synergy between Sowvital and Le Bon Marché in this campaign was a testament to the evolving landscape of luxury retail, where sustainability and environmental awareness are becoming increasingly integral. This collaboration not only showcased Sowvital's innovative approach to plant care but also reinforced Le Bon Marché's reputation as a trendsetter in luxury retail, harmoniously blending elegance, wellness, and a commitment to the environment.
    Sowvital's three-step plant care routine is tastefully displayed on the surface, with the packaging neatly arranged. Behind the products, radish and nasturtium seeds packets add a touch of variety and possibility. In the background, a lush assortment of potted plants and flowers serves as decorative accents, enhancing the natural theme of the display. Beneath the surface, the three-step gift set is conveniently stocked, ensuring easy access for customers.
    A staff member wearing a green Love Thy Plants cap and a black apron adorned with the Sowvital label tends to a collection of potted plants, flowers, and cacti. With care and attention, they nurture the botanical display, ensuring each plant thrives in its environment.
    Sowvital's three-step gift set is elegantly showcased on the surface, complemented by a diverse array of potted plants, flowers, and cacti. In the background, a staff member wearing a green Love Thy Plants cap and a black apron attentively tends to the display, ensuring its beauty and vitality.
    It was with immense pleasure that we returned to Paris to collaborate with the esteemed Le Bon Marché as part of this campaign, proudly unveiling our seed collection which found its place alongside the Three Step Kit – the quintessential solution for your plant care routine.

    Our heartfelt gratitude to for having us, and a big thank you to all of our Avant Gardeners, both long-standing and newly acquainted, that came to see and browse our boutique.
    A collection of diverse potted plants, colorful flowers, and prickly cacti are tastefully displayed around the main products. Each plant adds its unique beauty to the arrangement, creating a vibrant and visually appealing scene.