• Metavert: Meet Marco Violet-Vianello

    Meet the creator of the Metavert exhibition. Marco Violet-Vianello is an artist and software engineer based in London. His artistic practice uses artificial intelligence to explore the relationship between the digital, natural and human mind.

    His newest oeuvre, Metavert, is built into the imagination of the digital world by using machine learning and artificial intelligence to generate hypothetical reproductions of flowers.

    Grown inside a computer, Metavert is a conceptual art project exploring the power of AI to generate hypothetical reproductions of flowers. Sowvital, in collaboration with artist Marco Violet-Vianello and leading green blockchain Tezos, brings to its community of plant lovers a groundbreaking collection of digital botanical artworks.

    We spent some time talking to Marco about the project in this documentary. We give our thanks to the entire team involved in producing this short piece, and especially to Marco for bringing Metavert to life.