• NYC: Contemporary floral design with Flover

    gently NYC

    fLOVER, a Brooklyn-based florist and botanical designer, specialises in crafting sophisticated flower arrangements for events. With years of experience and an attentive approach to their clients’ needs, they create unforgettable floral arrangements.

    fLOVER's designs are characterised by elegance, refinement, and a unique creativity. Their genuine love of flowers distinguishes fLOVER's work: they view flowers not only as decoration, but as the source of positive energy.
    A person bends down his waist with secateurs in his hand and approaches a bundle of flowers on the floor while there are other kinds of plants and flowers lying around.
    A big piece of flower that was made of multiple purple cabbages on a stone base.
    A person is using Sowvital’s product to add to the vase that contains some plants in it. And there are a lot of various kinds of flowers and plants around on the table.
    The florist is designing the display with various kinds of plants and flowers.
    A collection of various flowers and plants is displayed nicely on the table with Sowvital’s house plant products in the middle.
    A lady is holding the stem of a plant/flower and checking it under the light.
    Two stems of plants were made of multiple purple cabbages-like flowers while other kinds of plants and flowers were on the table behind as the background.
    Sarracenia leucophyllas - purple trumpet-leaf.
    The florist designed and created the display of plants and flowers on the table.
    Sowvital’s house plants elixirs on the table next to a block of stone that has flowers on it.
    Two florists were organising and designing some flowers and plants on the floor.
    Two pieces of pine-like plants and Sarracenia leucophyllas - purple trumpet-leaf were stuck in a stone-like block.
    A few Paranomus - flowers are on dried coral reefs and there are Sarracenia leucophyllas in other vessels next to it.
    A collection of various plants and flowers covered up the whole table and some potted plants were on the floor.
    We worked with fLOVER to host multiple events across New York City, collaborating with the likes of Soho House, Rhythm Zero, and more.