• NYC: Potting workshop with Google

    At Sowvital we love to collaborate, any way to bring the natural world into people’s lives, and rebuild a connection with plants.

    While in NYC for the Christmas season, Sowvital hosted a small workshop at Google’s office, teaching a select group about the processes and joys involved in potting bulbs.
    Plant seeds in cardboard boxes inside a wooden box and there are paper bags labelled with Sowvital’s logo on it.
    A group of people standing around the table to participate in plants growing workshop in the meeting room. Plenty of plants and materials on the table.
    A smiley lady in a blue sweater holding a pot of plants that she grew from the workshop.
    A table of plants to allow people to grow their pots of plants in the workshop. There are paper bags and Sowvital’s houseplant products.
    Each attendee left the workshop with their own bulb, potted in a vintage Victorian terracotta pot from Sowvital’s own collection.