• NYC: Rhythm Zero Trunk Show

    gently NYC

    Rhythm Zero stands out as unconventional: its elegant and modern interior design resembles that of an art museum, rather than a quaint coffee shop.

    Located at 32 Kent Street, Brooklyn, Rhythm Zero aims to differentiate itself from other coffee shops by emphasising the importance of creating a visually appealing and curated atmosphere.
    A person with gloves on was working on sticking the Sowvital posters on the board.
    A DJ was playing music on his deck and there were other stone statues on the second and third shelf. A body statue on the standing chair and some plants behind the DJ while there was a Sowvital product poster hung on the wall.
    A few stems of pine leaves in the white vase, while there are different kinds of flowers, were put in different glassware. And there are a ‘Love Thy Plants’ green cap, T-shirts, Sowvital house plant products and silver water can around on the table.
    The Sowvital house product - Elixir, lying on the surface next to a leaf with the scissor on it and around some glass bottles/vases.
    A collection of bouquets in the Sowvital - ‘Love Thy Plants’ tote bag hung on a stick.
    Sowvital products campaign and brand posters. There was a person’s pair of arms working on sticking posters on the board.
    A gifting bag labelled with Sowvital next to glass bottles, house plant products and some plants, and flowers on the wooden table.
    A guy standing next to the bar waiting for drinks to be ready and in the meanwhile, he was on his phone. The barista was behind the bar and worked on the coffee machine.
    A man was working on sticking the Sowvital poster on the boards.
    The DJ in a black blazer is djing on his Pioneer deck while there are Sowvital product posters and some plants behind him.
    The view of Sowvital’s campaign posters on the wall on the street.
    Different kinds of plants were inside separated glass bottles while there was a silver water can, Sowvital branding stickers, ‘Love Thy Plants’ caps and house plant products on the table.
    Ivana co-owns the establishment with Alex, and both of them come from artistic familial backgrounds, which has led them to establish Rhythm Zero as an extension of their interests. Ivana takes charge of the design aspect, while Alex is responsible for sourcing the coffee and pastries.

    Rhythm Zero was the iconic destination of our December Trunk Show in NYC, sharing the world of Sowvital by day, and hosting cocktail evenings into the night.