• Paris Pop Up: Botanical patisseries with Andrea Sham

    Flora Aussant, Finn Gordon

    Andrea Sham's delectable creations are a delight both visually, and on the palette.

    Instead of keeping her passions for patisserie and art separate, she combines, resulting in cakes that are nothing short of ephemeral works of art.
    An artistic cake with flower buds and the Sowvital logo on the top.
    An artistic cake with flower buds and the Sowvital logo on the top while there are a bunch of  Oxalis plum crazy - pink and purple flowers, underneath with yellow dates.
    Part of the cake with yellow dates and Oxalis plum crazy - pink and purple flowers decorated around it.
    The artistic cake with Oxalis plum crazy while there is an extensive collection of flowers and plants in the background.
    Paphiopedilum maudiae - Slipper Orchids on the top of cakes.
    Patisserie (cake) combines with art by using fruits, flowers, leaves, cucumbers and more with black and white art hung on the wall in the background.
    The artistic cake was decorated with Slipper Orchids, the Sowvital logo yellow dates and red flowers on the top.
    A person held a knife to cut the artistic cake while holding a plate of food on the other hand.
    The artistic cake is in the centre of the picture while there are other fruits, flowers, yellow dates, cucumbers and food served with pieces of leaves on the table.
    Bringing an enchanting fusion of fairytale and fine art, Sham created two stunning pieces for our Marais pop up, wonderfully pairing with our chic Parisian gallery space and marking the event with the essence of luxury.