• Paris Pop Up: Mindful processes with Eléonore Grignon

    Flora Aussant

    Eléonore Grignon is a captivating figure, working as a transdisciplinary artist, author, and photographer.

    Her upbringing, surrounded by a family of creatives and a beekeeper-farmer great-grandfather, fostered a profound appreciation and reverence for life on our planet.
    A pair of hands cutting things looked like reddish to a jar while there are loads of leaves on the chopping board.
    A person puts her hands on a basket of reddish-like stuff and there are some clothes, and jars next to it.
    A pair of hands held a knife ready to cut reddish-like stuff on the chopping board.
    Reddish-like stuff in a jar tied with a labelled written with fermentation.
    A bunch of reddish leaves in a basket that had been layered on with white cloth on the table.
    A group of people are cutting some stuff on the table with a variety of tools.
    A person, wearing a white shirt with black stripes, cut the stuff on the table.
    A heart-shaped bag made with cloth material filled with some wood-like stuff and tagged with a string on it.
    A lady with braided hair faces towards a group of people in the room.
    Two people sit on the floor next to each other, arms to arms.
    A person sits on the floor with two buns on her hair while there is a pile of wood-like stuff on the floor.
    A person puts the jar containing fermented ingredients in the tote bag that is labelled with the Sowvital brand on it.
    Today, Grignon’s work encompasses art, crafts, agroecology, spirituality in various forms such as yoga, meditation, astrology, myths, and ecofeminism. She employs seven verbs to inform and enrich her creative output: peregrine, observe, harvest, manipulate, assemble, play, and shell. Through these, she weaves a poetic and committed constellation.

    For our Paris pop up, Grignon hosted a two-stage workshop, combining natural processes, such as fermenting, with a meditation ritual. This left attendees reconnected with the natural world on both a physical and mental level.