• Paris Pop Up: An evening with Fedrigoni

    Flora Aussant

    For 125 years, Fedrigoni Paper has been a global paragon of paper manufacturing.

    Throughout this history, the Italian brand has continually inspired and assisted the best designers to create one-of-a-kind projects.

    Sustainability is an integral part of Fedrigoni's ethos, and the brand has a lengthy track record of prioritising low environmental impact processes. Through innovation and technology, the company is committed to developing products that meet ESG criteria. Every day, Fedrigoni strives to enhance its materials, inspire creativity, and empower its people.
    Leaves with red dots (Elephant ears) next to the Fedrigoni brand and a booklet with the Sowvital brand at the bottom of it.
    Boxes of Fedrigoni’s colourful paper with some glass bottles and a glass of drink on the table.
    Fedrigoni’s uncoated, coated, coloured paper contents with the Sowvital products’ packaging in black bags.
    Two people sitting down while there are paper contents from a box and some glass bottles on the table.
    Multiple black gift bags on the floor stacking up next to the Sowvital’s packaged house plant product display area.
    Two pairs of hands holding a card with Sowvital’s logo on it with an orange-pinky flower on the cover.
    A person holding a black gift bag with Sowvital’s packaged product.
    Sowvital uses Fedrigoni paper on all of its product packaging, the stunning textures and colour reproduction are essential to making the products look and feel as good as they are effective.

    While in Paris for our Marais pop up, Sowvital co-hosted an event with Fedrigoni, celebrating our relationship and allowing designers to meet the Fedrigoni team and explore their paper range in person.