• Paris Pop Up: An evening by Laszlo Badet

    Flora Aussant
    Laszlo Badet

    Laszlo Badet, a skilled ‘petite-main’ who works for high-end fashion houses in Paris, has a passion rooted in rustic and creative cuisine that reflects her Swiss-Italian roots.

    Featuring meticulous presentation, Badet’s cuisine is distinguished by her attention to detail, which stems from her background in tailoring and seamlessly transitions into her cooking.
    Eggs with creative pattern and plants on it.
    Some kind of vegetable with red outside and white inside are sculptured into floral shapes and contains green stems.
    Plenty of forks are displayed on top of a white sheet of silverware and there are different kinds of eggs displayed on moss and a couple of glasses of drinks, plates and serviettes.
    Mushrooms grow among the moss while loads of dark leaves lie around including some candles.
    People socialising around the table and there is a black bag and a rusty grey water can in front of the table.
    Some yellow kind of food is served on silverware with a teaspoon next to it on the moss surface.
    A pair of hands peeling eggshells next to a collection of eggs laying on the moss surface. There is a silver table holder stand with a card that has the Sowvital logo on it.
    A plate of something that looks like crispy pedals next to a candle and a pile of ceramic plates on the moss's surface.
    A mushroom stands out from a pile of different colours of leaves on the moss surface while there are some creative flower-like vegetable sculptures behind.
    A man with tattoos poured drinks into another person’s glass across the table.
    A plate of crispy stuff that looks like flower petals next to a candle and some creative eggs with plants on the outside.
    Primarily catering private dinners and events, she also lends her creative touch to food design for film and photography. Additionally, Laszlo develops restaurant menus, conducts cooking workshops, and undertakes cooking residencies worldwide to further her research.

    Constructing a mossy, culinary dream, Badet helped us host an event during our pop up in the Third Arrondissement of Paris, inviting our guests to delve further into the indulgence within the natural world.