• Paris Pop Up: Botanical cocktails with Little Red Door

    Flora Aussant
    Little Red Door

    Little Red Door, a charming cocktail bar, can be found in the heart of the Third Arrondissement in Paris. Despite its unassuming exterior, the bar boasts an inviting and relaxed atmosphere inside.

    Over the years, Little Red Door has established itself as a popular spot in the Marais district by embracing the creative scene and offering conceptual yet accessible menus. Drawing inspiration from art, flavour perception, and anthropology, the bar has been recognized as one of the World's 50 Best Bars nine times since its opening in 2012.
    Multiple glasses of alcoholic drinks with Shiso labels on them.
    4 stainless long tweezers, kitchen shears with many pots of herbs on the table.
    A small plant on a bunch of cards labelled with Sowvital on the surface.
    A person holds a glass of water with a small plant in it.
    People socialising, a girl was holding a glass of drink in her hand and a guy with glasses on had a Love Thy Plant cap on.
    A photograph of a small 3-piece-red leaves plant laying on one of the caps of alcoholic bottles.
    A glass of drink that contains a few pieces of plants inside.
    A person with a black blazer organises the plants and flowers next to bottles of alcoholic drinks.
    A bottle of alcoholic drink with a Shiso label surrounded by Elephant ears plants.
    Little Red Door leads a change in adopting a Farm-to-Glass approach for drinks and menu creation. The bar works directly with French producers to source the highest quality ingredients to create homemade products which form the base flavour of their drinks. These drinks focus on showcasing the producer's craftsmanship, placing it at the forefront of any guests’ experience.

    Little Red Door produced and bottled a unique cocktail for Sowvital’s Paris pop up, serving it alongside a selection of unique, French-grown herbs to enhance the flavour and experience.
    A few pots of Tropica Hottonia palustris plants on the table next to a kitchen shear and long tweezers on the table.
    A hand used a tweezer to pick up some leaves from the plant.
    A tweezer was held in one hand with a few leaves from the plant above a glass of drink next to the plant and oxalis triangularis - Purple Shamrock.
    A person held a tweezer in the hand, leaves from the plant have been dropped inside the glass of drink next to pots of plants.
    Two ladies are having their drinks while browsing plants and other stuff that was presented on the table.
    A glass of drink with some unknown stuff in it while there are plenty of Sowvital’s cards and pots of plants behind in the background.
    Many bottles of Shisoo alcoholic drinks are presented on the table while there are some pieces of painting on the wall.
    A photograph of a glass of drink from the above angle with herbal leaves in it.
    Plenty of bottles of Shiso, the alcoholic drink, are presented nicely on the table while there are some empty bottles filled with some plants and flowers.