• Paris Pop Up: 62 Rue Charlot, 75003 Paris

    Flora Aussant, Matthew Avignone, Finn Gordon
    Sowvital, This Humid House

    Sowvital had a busy 2022, successfully launching and bringing the brand from London, to Paris, to New York.

    Our stop in Paris took the form of a pop up shop in the iconic Marais, a famous neighbourhood in the Third Arrondissement of Paris.
    Posters of Sowvital house plant products on the wall and the products on the stands next to the Sowvital logo. Loads of different kinds of plants and flowers on the side with white cubes.
    A variety of different kinds of plants and flowers are planted in white cubes.
    A big side of glass labelled with ‘Not for you’ - Sowvital in between 2 green doors.
    Sowvital merchandise - T-shirts are hung up on the clothing rack and there is a small pot of plant next to it.
    A table with a tablecloth on it and a pot of plants sitting in the middle of it. Different pieces of art hung on the wall.
    A view of the shop from an outside angle while an elderly man is looking inside at Sowvital’s product.
    Orange-brown colour sofa with a pot of plants on the table and chairs and there are two product-framed posters hung on the wall. A ‘Love Thy Plant’ hat, T-shirts, and lamps are displayed on the shelf.
    A collection of plants, flowers and fruit - Burmese grape fruit (yellow) are displayed nicely.
    A glass shopwindow labelled with ‘Not for you’ Sowvital brand. Merchandise are being displayed nicely on clothing racks.
    A pot of plants next to a pile of green plants on the bench while there are different pieces of black and white paintings behind.
    Three terracotta-like pots are on the table and some plants grow from glassware that can see through their roots.
    Different kinds of plants on a white T-shirt with the Sowvital logo on it.
    Some people sat down and some stood up in the room. There are some plants, and vegetables on the floor and some are in the jars on the table—a load of pieces of plant theme art behind on the wall.
    A person held a T-shirt that had nature plant prints in green colour under the sun.
    Creative food is displayed nicely on the table while there are black and white theme plant-based photographs in the background.
    Love Thy Plants labelled boxed piling up organised while there are crowd in the background.
    A hand poured drinks directly from a bottle to another person’s glass while he/she held it.
    Creating a beautiful, high-end gallery-shop hybrid space, we hosted a range of events and workshops, working with some of the top creatives in Paris and inviting both friends of the brand and newcomers alike.