• Paris Pop Up: Workshop with Romance Berberat

    Flora Aussant

    Trained as a designer and passionate about nature, Romance Berberat explores living things and situates the connection between art and ecology at the heart of her work.

    She is the co-founder of Filles au Champ, an association that educates children about eating well, and co-manager for Le Champ des RĂȘves, a neighbourhood grocery shop.
    Children sitting on the bench have fun understanding the life cycle of a plant in an educational workshop. Paintings on the wall and potted plants are presented on the table.
    A terracotta pot of plants is written with names on it while there’s an avocado seed being set up in the air with sticks on the jar.
    A group of kids with their parents surround the table, which is filled with a load of materials on the surface, ready to have the activity in the workshop.
    A sprouted seed on a piece of Begonia maculata leaf on the table.
    A kid held a plant - a Chinese money plant in their hand on the table.
    An apple, lime, avocado and Chlorophytum comosum grow in a jar of water on the table while there are crumble of soil, some pens and a pot of plants around.
    The Sowvital house plant product - Elixir presented on the table while there are cut pieces of lemons.
    A kid with blonde tied-up bun hair wore a yellow jumper underneath the denim dungarees looking at people working on the table.
    A pair of hands held a pen on the table writing something on the jar with an avocado seed on it while there was a potted plant with names on it next to it.
    A variety of plants grow from different sizes of glass bottles with plant name tags next to each on the table. And there are pieces of black and white art hung on the wall.
    A plant with purple stems - Tradescantia zebrina grows in a glass bottle filled with water and a name tag next to it while there are different kinds of plants around it on the table.
    A kid with a red hair-tie holding a pen in her hand is white terracotta pots and plants are growing in glass bottles on the table.
    A terracotta pot is written with names on it in light blue ink marker on the table while surrounded by different plants.
    An adult with a red shirt on teaching a kid how to plant the plant into a terracotta pot.
    The Sowvital house plant product - Elixir presented on the table next to plants and a half-broken pot.
    Berberat hosted two workshops at our pop up in the Third Arrondissement of Paris. Participative affairs, these workshops allowed parents to bring their young ones, helping them understand the life cycle of a plant, from seedling to full grown. Each child left with a cutting planted in their own Victorian terracotta pot.