• Paris Pop Up: Botanical styling with This Humid House

    Flora Aussant, Matthew Avignone, Finn Gordon
    This Humid House

    This Humid House is a team of highly skilled designers with a wealth of experience in the fields of fine art, architecture, floristry, horticulture, and landscape design.

    Their primary objective is to develop a comprehensive, botanically-based design language that embodies the essence of their climate, geography, and collective culture.
    As a botanical design studio, their focus is on the contemporary. They strive to seamlessly weave together living materials, harnessing aspects of shape, volume, colour, line, and texture to create a profound visual connection that transcends time and trends.

    With a particular fondness for the unusual, the unruly, and the uncultivated, they undertake extensive research and experimentation to discover new and exciting materials to work with. This Humid House draws on a vast network of industry experts, suppliers, growers, agents, contractors, foragers, and plant collectors to ensure that every project is imbued with a unique sense of vitality.
    This was no different in the case of our Paris pop up in the idyllic Marais. Combining their design philosophies with regular brand materials, such as mycelium, This Humid House created an awe-inspiring tiered display, its structured nature closely representing the construction of plant cells under a microscope. It was a glorious centrepiece, oozing with effortless elegance.