• Salima Zahi: The Porcelain Plant Pot

    Finn Gordon

    Meet Salima Zahi, a Paris-based craftsman and designer. Trained in ceramics at the Estonian Academy of Arts, she seamlessly combines design and craftsmanship. Specialising in objects that blur the line between utility and sculpture.

    Zahi's intrigue for ceramics burgeoned into a deep-seated passion amidst the historic halls of the revered Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn.

    Here, she had the honour of refining her practical expertise, immersing herself in the venerable art of clay manipulation. Today, she is recognised as a multifaceted artist, seamlessly blending the spheres of design and master craftsmanship.

    In her artistic pursuits, Zahi creates objects that gracefully bridge the divide between utilitarian vessels and exquisite miniature sculptures. Her practice is an orchestration of inquiry, ceaselessly challenging the conventional perceptions of how quotidian items can be experienced and revered.
    Salima adjusting the project that she is making on the table and she is wearing a cream t-shirt with a black dungarees. There are two wooden crafts on the table that are used to separate undried ceramic projects. Behind Salima, there is a shelf of ceramic pots stocked on the shelf with some ceramic saucers as well.
    Salima pouring ceramic from a module container to a bucket while she's in a cream t-shirt with a black dungarees. In the background there are a load of ceramic pots stocked up on the shelf fully.
    Salima adjusting the shape of the ceramic project that she is making within a ceramic module container by shaving the unwanted part away with a knife on the table.
    Within her studio in the 18th Arrondissement, Zahi has meticulously designed and curated an ageless, elegant object for Sowvital.

    The timeless allure of porcelain has captivated and enamoured many since its conception. It is not just about beauty; it's a tale of resilience. Beneath its delicate sheen lies a formidable strength, allowing for a perfect fusion of durability and sophistication, ensuring that objects formed of it not only serve their fundamental purpose but also stand as emblems of elegance.
    Salima used a hammer to label a symbol at the bottom of the ceramic pot that she's making on the table. She's wearing a cream t-shirt with a black dungarees and in the background, there are a full shelf of ceramic pots and flower shape of germination discs.
    Salima pulled a ceramic pot up from the gadget for shaping on the table. There are some ceramic pots, saucers and germination discs on the shelf.
    Salima used sponge and sand paper to smooth and get rid of the unwanted part from the ceramic pot.
    For many, a plant pot is simply a container, an accessory to house burgeoning green life. Yet, in the artistic lens of Zahi, these pots transcend their apparent function. Every household plant is a silent chronicle of growth, resilience, and transformation. The pot, then, becomes its sanctuary, cradling narratives of hope, love, and dreams. Each porcelain vessel, meticulously crafted by Zahi, serves as both a guardian of these tales and an evocative storyteller.

    Nestled within the confines of a home, these plant pots are more than decorative accents. They are introspective mirrors, offering a glimpse into one's personal universe, each brimming with stories waiting to be shared, feelings waiting to be unearthed.
    A customised ceramic pot with a flower shape of drainage hole at the bottom on a sand paper on the table.
    A table with a sand paper covered with the ceramic powder rubbed from ceramic projects, a saucer with Sowvital label on it and some other ceramic tools/gadgets spread out on the surface.
    Tools and gadgets for ceramic laying out on the table with a shelf of ceramic pots, saucers and some flower shape germination disc on the shelf.
    In the embrace of porcelain, where strength meets elegance, these plant pots usher in an era where the everyday becomes the extraordinary. We extend our deepest thanks to Zahi and her dedication to her craft, as such allowing us to collaborate on creating these glorious pots.
    Sowvital's house plant fertilisers, beige mister and a green watering can sitting on the table with some ceramic tools and gadgets surrounded it. And there is a potted plant with some flowers in the watering can around the table too. In the background, there are load of ceramic pots on the shelf.