• Shoreditch Pop Up: 81 Redchurch Street, London E2 7DJ

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    Nicholas Rogers, Sandip Chudha

    Coinciding with our launch, we brought Sowvital to London’s East End, opening a pop up shop in Shoreditch.

    This curated space encapsulated our brand ethos, immediately showing passers-by what Sowvital is all about. Punctuated by our signature scent, this conceptual space combined product displays with botanical bursts of design.
    The front view of Sowvital’s popup shop with a couple of pots of plants and a big pile of soil with Love Thy Plant cap on it.
    Sowvital house plant products are presented organised on the shelf and there is a small table in front of it with a Sowvital tote bag and two small pots of plants.
    A green curly glass pipe among different kinds of plants and flowers.
    The decorations on the big pile of soil at the front view of the pop-up store. Led lights along with curly green glass pipes and Sowvital’s house plant products covered with different kinds of plants at the bottom.
    The decoration inside the store with loads of different kinds of plants, the ‘Love Thy Plant’ labelled sticker on the glass and three posters of Sowvital house plant products.
    A front side angle of the pop-up store with the Sowvital logo printed at the front and a big pile of soil decorated with different kinds of plants and green LED light. The products are presented on the shelves to see through from the glass.
    Load of green plants, including moss, bamboo sticks, daisies, and small white flowers leaning against the wall and behind it,  there are photographs of plants and flowers up on the wall.
    The sideway photo of the glass has a ‘Love Thy Plants’ sticker on it with different kinds of green plants and curly green glass.
    Sowvital logo with lights on behind the reception bar and there are some big pots of plants in the back corner as well as in the front.
    A closer angle of different kinds of plants is presented on the white wall with the ‘Love Thy Plants’ window shop.
    Part way through, we transformed the space into a gallery, showing off a stunning range of AI-generated artworks commissioned by Sowvital to highlight the bridging gap between the digital and natural world.