Spinach Grow Kit
Spinach Grow Kit
Spinach Grow Kit

Spinach Grow Kit


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Spinach Grow Kit
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Nurturing a plant from a humble seed into a fruit-bearing crop is a rewarding experience. It’s easy to grow spinach at home with this grow kit, created by Sowvital.

Our Spinach "Perpetual" kit contains all the essentials to get anyone started on growing spinach from seed. 

The contents of this kit include:

Spinach "Perpetual" seeds, coir soil coins, wooden labels, an instruction booklet, a sticker sheet, and an exclusive ‘Water Thy Plants’ fridge magnet.

Sowvital’s philosophy is built around science, art and rituals.

All of our formulations are animal free and vegan certified. We use pioneering circular economy ingredients in our fertiliser which significantly reduces its C02 footprint.