Sowvital's Three Step Gift Set
Sowvital's Three Step Gift Set
Sowvital's Three Step Gift Set

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Sowvital's Three Step Gift Set

GIFT BOX, Aqua Leaf Cleanser 200ml, House Plant Elixir 100ml, House Plant Spritz 200ml


The original Sowvital Three Step Kit, encased in an elegant gift box. Cleanse, Nourish, and Spritz your way to healthier house plants. 


Cleanser: Assists with the removal of dust and impurities, supports natural shine, locks in moisture, and helps house plants thrive. Contains Aomori Hiba Essensia (TM), an ancient oil from Northern Japan, renowned for its antimicrobial properties, and coconut oil. 

Elixir: Scientifically formulated ultra concentrate nutrients for house plants. Contains macro and micronutrient actives, which nourish the house plant's metabolic systems, promoting healthier foliage and resilience. 


Spritz: Contains a unique blend of powerful botanical ingredients and nutrients. The elemental actives include Manganese, Zinc and Magnesium, which pass directly into the plant's metabolic systems, travelling through organic pathways to promote chlorophyll formation.

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Made in England
Animal Free & Non-toxic
Formulated with renewable ingredients

Sowvital’s philosophy is built around science, art and rituals.

All of our formulations are animal free and vegan certified. We use pioneering circular economy ingredients in our fertiliser which significantly reduces its C02 footprint.