About Sowvital

We are Sowvital, a brand that intertwines the wisdom of plant sciences with the art of mindful care. Our mission? To reignite the bond between you and your plants through scientifically-informed and soulfully curated nourishment rituals.

Our name encapsulates our philosophy: 'sow', the act of planting or seeding, and 'vital', representing that which is essential and teeming with life.

Unveiling the Secrets of Plant Care

Did you know that your potted plants can quickly become mineral deficient, missing out on the natural cleansing and humidifying benefits of rain? It falls upon us, their human caretakers, to remedy this.

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To help you in this journey, we've developed proprietary products that are anchored around a three-step routine to help your house plants flourish: Cleanse, Nourish, and Spritz.

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2. Nourish
3. Spritz
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Discover more Our commitment has always been to harness the finest expertise, ingredients, and technology. We've spent nearly two years collaborating with experts from England, Japan, and Scandinavia to perfect our formulations. This ongoing journey of development and innovation is guided by a conscious consideration of Sowvital’s broader impact on the world, the sustainability of our product materials, our ingredients, and the role we can play in enlightening the next generation about the wonders of plant sciences.

Sustainable design
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We invite you to learn more about our approach to sustainable design and business.

Sowvital Botanical Art

Sowvital celebrates the intricate dance between botanical art and plant sciences. We draw inspiration from and showcase artists whose works have been influenced by the botanical world, and in turn, have shaped it.

For centuries, botanical artists have meticulously captured the intricate details of plant life, furthering our understanding of the botanical world. By highlighting this symbiotic relationship, we aim to foster a deeper connection, elevating the relationships between plants, botanical art, and the scientists they have served. We believe that the story of botany in art is one that should be shared, exploring the diverse histories of the creative encounter between art and science.
Botanical art helps us understand the world we inhabit. These representations illustrate the underlying design of biological evolution on our planet as interpreted by different cultures across the world over time.
We aim to bring botanical art and manuscripts back into the conversation in an age when care for the environment, its flora, and fauna, should be at the forefront of everyone's minds. With this imperative in mind, Sowvital will explore the symbiosis of science and design through initiatives and collaborations that underline the natural connectivity between the botanical world and visual arts.
At Sowvital, we work to initiate, encourage, and grow the creative lives of all plant-lovers. Join us in this journey of discovery and connection.