Why do I need to ‘shake to activate’? This is to ensure that all solids that may have crystallised out of solution are re-dissolved. The energy in the water that the macro and micronutrients are dissolved in will have slightly lowered as the elixir sits still on a shelf. As a result, some of the ions may have been attracted to each other and formed a crystalline solid. By shaking, you give the water molecules more energy (movement). As water molecules have a slightly polarised charge, they act to pull apart the ions which will have come together to form a crystalline solid. We want these ions to be evenly dispersed in the elixir every time we apply Sowvital Elixir to our plants to ensure consistent, high-performance results.
Who formulates the products? All of Sowvital's formulations are created by Sowvital’s team of experts.
Where are your products manufactured? All of Sowvital’s formulations are manufactured and bottled in the UK.
Are your products safe to use? Each ingredient is reviewed against current scientific literature and strict global regulations to ensure they are safe and compliant for application on plants. Always follow the directions of use. If you have any questions about any ingredients we use, please reach out to us via the contact page and our lab will provide a response.
Are your products vegan? Every Sowvital product is certified vegan by The Vegan Society.
Are the Sowvital products cruelty-free? Do you test on animals? All of our products are completely cruelty free, vegan and we would never test on animals. Instead, we test on lots and lots of different plants (which seem to really enjoy it).
I want a product but it's out of stock We know there's nothing worse than waiting. We recommend signing up for our email notifications for products that are out of stock. If you click the “Notify me when available” button in the products you are interested in, we will let you know as soon as they are restocked.
How do I store your products? We recommend storing all of our products in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight at temperatures between 5 Degrees C and 35 Degrees C.
What is the expiry date of your products? The majority of our products have a 5-year shelf life unopened when stored at room temperature. Opened products have a shelf life of 3 years.
How do I recycle your packaging (is Sowvital packaging recyclable)? Sowvital’s glass bottles are fully recyclable, even with labels left on.
How do I know if my products are authentic or genuine? Unfortunately we are unable to verify the authenticity of any products that are not purchased from Sowvital or one of our authorised retailers.


How long does it take to ship? This information is available at the checkout, but also see our Shipping page.
Tracking a Parcel Your tracking number will be emailed to you when your order has been dispatched, accompanied by a link to the appropriate tracking page. For customers with a registered profile, tracking information may also be accessed from within the Order History section of your account.
What should I do if my order is damaged in transit? If an item has been damaged in transit, Sowvital will provide you with a replacement or a full refund. Please contact us with your order details and an accompanying photo of the damaged item.
Do I need an account with Sowvital to place an order? You do not need to create an account to shop online; rather, you can purchase as a guest.

However, creating an account will allow you to move more swiftly through the purchasing process: you will be able to save your personal details, store multiple delivery addresses, peruse past orders, update subscription details and receive special Sowvital customer event invitations and new product information. You can create an account here.
Payment Options We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, Maestro and Shop Pay


Where should I direct my press enquiries? press@sowvital.com
How do I apply for a position with Sowvital? Please email careers@sowvital.com with your CV if you are interested in working for Sowvital.
What will I receive if I subscribe to the Sowvital newsletter? You will receive our Full Moon Édito once per month and occasional other email communications.
What payment methods are available? Major credit cards.
How do I seek further help or offer comments? Please visit the contact page to find a convenient way to reach Sowvital via phone, email or social channels. If there are products you would like to see added to the Sowvital range, please reach out to us.
Can I update my cookie consent? Yes.
What can I do if I forgot my password? Please email us at support@sowvital.com