Sowvital is a plant sciences brand whose mission is to reconnect people and their plants through scientifically and mindfully informed nourishment and care rituals. We promote a balanced and conscious way of life through the incorporation of house plants, botanical knowledge, and the three-step routine into the home.

Plant care, self care

Feeding your plants represents something greater than the simple mechanical addition of liquid to the soil. It’s an act of love, contemplation, and exploration, which connects you to some of the most ancient natural cycles. The cyclical, seasonal nature of plants ties them closely to ancient land-based rituals and rites from spring sowing to autumn harvest. We’ve reinterpreted these for the city dweller in a curated cluster of wellbeing rituals with plant care at their heart.

We’ve created a world in which routine plant care and nourishment function as a meditative ritual in the urban gardener’s daily life, a practice comparable to a skincare routine, a ritualised process of self care underpinned by both the scientific and the spiritual.

Sowvital uses advanced science coupled with ancient botanical wisdom to create proven plant fertiliser formulations. Through harnessing a deep and integrated knowledge of the life-cycle and circadian rhythms of plants, our team of scientists have developed a series of formulations which excel at supporting the growth needs of plants.

Adopting the Sowvital philosophy and community will bring you into a world of plant care, a sustainable future, and a healthy and happy you.

Understand thy plant’s needs

Plants grown in pots (like house plants) rely on a carefully balanced diet of nutrients if they are to thrive. In the wild, a plant’s dietary needs are met by a naturally calibrated ground soil ecosystem: nutrients from pure mineral rock deposits and decaying debris circulate in the soil. In a city apartment, locked in a pot, however, a house plant is dependent on its human owner to regularly provide it with the essential nutrients for it to flourish.
Despite its importance, we discovered many urban plant parents were skipping the nourishment step in their routine. Plant food seemed to have slipped off the radar: an old relic or afterthought, which is found in a grandparent’s garden shed. Sowvital’s community is built around a desire to nourish plants, with certified animal free, environmentally conscious and apartment appropriate formulations.
Plants outside
Plants inside

Towards a sustainable future

We consciously make sure all of our formulations are animal-free. By creating animal-free fertilisers we avoid supporting unethical factory farming methods. These factory farming methods are responsible for 11% of the worldwide greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to the destruction of vital ecosystems. We’re proud to bear the coveted Vegan Trademark, meaning that not only do we not use animal-derived ingredients, but we don’t test formulations or ingredients on them, either.
We are pioneering a circular economy nutrient supply chain in which we reuse materials and minimise the demand for natural resources. At Sowvital, we’ve worked to find sustainable alternatives. Our core ingredients such as zinc and manganese (vital for a plant’s health) are extracted from recycling waste products through a cutting-edge low-carbon extraction process, which takes place at room temperature, allowing for lower energy consumption. Sowvital’s products are more than a plant care regime. They represent a way of life which advocates for a greener future and that makes a conscious effort to be informed, vigilant and proactive in helping to nourish and heal our planet in our homes and communities.

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