House Plant Amino Boost
House Plant Amino Boost


House Plant Amino Boost

3.4 FL OZ 100ML


The Amino Boost is a powerhouse organic formulation which boosts the healthy bacteria and organisms in your house plant's soil.

You could compare it to a yoghurt drink, which nourishes your gut flora, but instead, it nourishes the soil your house plant lives in.

The plant’s soil and roots act like a digestive system. To keep this system healthy, the beneficial bacterial colonies need to be nourished. These microorganisms produce an abundance of positive molecules for the plant to absorb as they feed on the Amino Boost, supporting new growth and helping offset the effects of environmental stress on your plant.

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Made in England
Animal Free & Non-toxic
Formulated with renewable ingredients

Why the Boost is so special

Shake to activate Shaking the Amino Boost unlocks the specially formulated blend of 16 key amino acids within and ensures consistent, high-performance results. Combining a small weekly dose of the Amino Boost (like a prebiotic), and the Elixir (like a multivitamin) is the best way to keep your house plant, and its biochemistry, nourished and thriving.
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    Sowvital’s philosophy is built around science, art and rituals.

    All of our formulations are animal free and vegan certified. We use pioneering circular economy ingredients in our fertiliser which significantly reduces its C02 footprint.