The Wellness Seed Collection
The Wellness Seed Collection
The Wellness Seed Collection

The Wellness Seed Collection



Nurturing a plant from a humble seed into a fruit-bearing crop is a rewarding experience. Our specially curated Wellness Collection provides the perfect selection of easy growing varieties, all with a focus on the wellness benefits they offer.

Tomato “Gardener’s Delight” - A classic low maintenance, summer fruiting garden crop ideal for growing in containers.

Rocket “Salad Variety” - A Mediterranean annual salad leaf with edible flowers. Ideal for container growing.

Nasturtium “Tom Thumb” - A peppery tasting, coloured flowering climber. Easy to grow in small spaces.

Spinach “Perpetual” - A staple green salad leaf with many culinary uses and multiple crops throughout the year.

Radish “French Breakfast” - A small crimson and white root vegetable ideal for sowing through Spring and Summer.

Marigold “Officinalis” - A vibrant plant with edible daisy-like blooms, ideal for salads and tea.

The grass is always greener at home.

Sowvital’s philosophy is built around science, art and rituals.

All of our formulations are animal free and vegan certified. We use pioneering circular economy ingredients in our fertiliser which significantly reduces its C02 footprint.